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6-Figure Brand Shoot Formula

Are you struggling to turn your "visual ideas" into real-life photos that feel like YOU? Here's how I've planned over a dozen brand photos and learned exactly how to do it. Read this free guide & stop feeling stuck!

A brand is more than a set of brand collateral. More than your logo, your color palette and your website - it is an experience, and your visuals should help communicate that and showcase your brand style no matter what the touchpoint is, immersing your audience within your story and including them on the journey.

Visual consistency is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to help your brand stand out and make memorable impressions. But an image should be so much more than a pretty picture. It should be a captivating story, a branded position statement or even a full-blown campaign built entirely around images rather than text.

Great brand photos are more than just a pretty way to showcase your product or service. They help you tell the story of who you are through visual consistency and storytelling. Whether you’re launching a new brand or re-branding, follow our steps to create visually strong brand images that align with your vision, values and mission.

Your brand is a very important part of your business, but how many times have you left confused on styling your brand shoot? The visual representation of your brand is just as important. Styling your brand and spending the time to produce a brand photoshoot allows you to communicate an intentional message, attracting your dream audience, enticing them to want to work with you and encouraging them to pay attention to what you have to say.

Here's my Six Figure Brand Shoot Formula

Clear Vision & Goal

Your brand photo shoot needs to be created with a very specific use in mind. If you’re going to be featuring your product shots on your own eCommerce website and social media channels, then it would make sense to create a high-resolution version of the images that will be used for those purposes.

Detailed Shot List

Creating a detailed shot list will instantly put you ahead and get you exactly what you want from your visuals. By going into a photo shoot with specific ideas for each shot you want to create, you’re able to control the outcome and ensure that you’re walking away with each and every image you need and that each one incorporates your brand color palette, style and personality.

Styling Toolkit and Props

Now that you've built your shot list, it's time to create your styling toolkit. We highly recommend keeping this on hand for future shoots or quick Instagram shots!

We’re going to get more specific on the props and styling tools you’ll need for your photoshoot. This is where you’ll have to put in the time, because building an effective toolkit is both an art and a science. Spend some time brainstorming things that represent your brand, and then pull out items from your home or workspace that fit this description.

Scout Location

When choosing your location, keep in mind that it should be on message with your brand and consistent with the look and feel of your vision board. Are there any local studios or parks that you like the aesthetic of? Will you be shooting on-brand locations?

As you're developing your brand story and putting together a visual identity, it's important to think about the locations that will help create those visuals. While studio shoots keep things simple and you can control almost every aspect of the shoot, location shots provide a little more flexibility and allow for better authenticity.

Hire the Pros

Your photoshoot is one of the most important investments your brand will make. In fact, it can set the tone for your entire online presence and help to drive leads, sales, and interest in your business. When choosing a photographer, make sure the experience you’re paying for is worth it by getting a photographer who has proven their skills.

Executing a brand photo shoot does not need to cost a lot of money, but it is a good idea to recognize where your strengths and weaknesses lie and when it might

make sense to hire a project out or partner with someone to do an exchange of services. If you’re comfortable with a camera, you’ll likely be able to produce some of your own brand content, but you might also consider hiring a photographer who specializes in brand photography, product shots, or portraits, depending on the specific type of shoot you’re after.

Think beyond the photographer as well, and consider bringing on a stylist, brand strategist, or hair and makeup artist depending on your specific needs.

Investing in a professional brand photoshoot is one of the smartest business moves you can make. It’s a super fun and rewarding experience, and together we get to build your brand and create images that tell your story. Your brand has a visual identity that reflects who you are as a brand, and helps distinguish you from other brands. A well-produced photoshoot will leave an impression on potential clients and customers, showcasing your product or service in the best way possible.

If you’re looking to shoot your first brand photoshoot and can’t decide where to start, sign up for my 3-day challenge Reinvent Your Confidence beginning on October 9.

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