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Relaunching or Rebranding?

Are you struggling with relaunching the digital presence of your business?

First, save this post because you’re going to need it later!

Let’s start with defining personal branding. Personal branding is:

✅ Aligning your purpose and passion.

✅ Showing up authentically in your professional life.

✅ Transition from freelancer to entrepreneur.

& if you’re ready to pivot from chaotic soloprenuer to aligned entrepreneur I can take you there.

So here’s how we will do it:

✨Build your personal brand image with my 6-step strategy.

✨Creatively style your brand to attract your ideal client.

✨Execute a campaign that generates revenue.

It’s the key to going from chaotic soloprenuer to aligned entrepreneur!

Using my signature method of combining personal brand development with personal styling, I l help you gain confidence, show up stylishly and authentically for your brand.

The more black women embrace who we are and what we love, the more of our sisters will give themselves permission to-do the same.

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