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Your Personal Brand Persona

In a world of so many influences, it can be hard to define exactly who you are. For many, building a personal brand starts with emulating one of their favorite celebrities or influencers. This includes duplicating their lifestyle, fashion, language, and even their communication style.

When you start your brand off copying someone else -- you quickly get exhausted and burn out because it's not authentic. Yes, the good girl gone bad works for Ming Lee's personal brand, and the homemade vegan meals and aunty vibes work for Tabitha Brown but it's NOT YOU.

You are a unique individual who brings a special sparkle to the world. You have a purposeful gift to share with the world and its your responsibility to communicate it, effectively. This is where personal brand persona comes into play.

You must be your authentic self to effectively build a personal brand. According to research by TIME, there are 6 main personas that best identify personal brand types - altruists, careerists, hipsters, boomerangs, connectors & selective. Are you an altruistic creator? A hipster advocate? These 6 types help you identify the best approach for your professional life, and they can affect how others perceive your personal brand.


The Altruist is a brand that knows how to inspire. The Altruist is someone who helps others and has a strong sense of duty and purpose. They not only dedicate themselves in terms of actions, but also with regard to being mindful of their personal relationships. The Altruists believe in making an impact on the world around them, and share those experiences with us through storytelling, motivation, and spreading positivity.

Tabitha Brown is an altruistic brand. She is motivated to share her knowledge and experiences with us because of her commitment to helping others. Her personal brand is about sharing stories about how she has made an impact on the world around her and how we can do the same.


Careerists on social networks are constantly sharing content that will help them gain recognition from their peers. This can include testimonials or references from previous or current colleagues, details about their participation in industry events and conferences, promotions they have received and so on. They also like to share things that show they have a strong work ethic such as staying late at work and not taking sick days.

True careerists are those who constantly seek to advance their careers. They are willing to put their own personal interests second in order to further their status and brand. As a true careerist, Quianna Watson built a large following by focusing on the needs of her clients, while constantly sharing information with other industry leaders that will raise her professional standing.


You're a hipster if you like to try things first and share them with others. You are an undercover trendsetter because you are not afraid to go against mainstream trends. Instead of following the crowd, you've found your own way to do things and you know it's better. People envy your sense of style and attitude, which you discovered all on your own.


The Boomerang is a personal brand that likes to post controversial to start a conversation. They don’t always agree with the perspective of the content they share or stir up the pot.


The girl that networks her tail off. She knows a handful of people in every industry and loves to connect with people and foster relationships.


The selective personal brand persona is the low-key genius. They are very knowledgeable in their industry but are very selective about how they share their knowledge.

Are you an altruistic creator? A hipster advocate?

Want to know which one you are? Take the “Personal Brand Quiz” and it will tell you in just a few answers.

Can you guess which one I am? I am a connector. I am a connector. I connect people, ideas, and opportunities to grow businesses and my network. I’m a social butterfly who loves helping others by sharing my knowledge, insights and experience. My network is large and diverse, and I enjoy using it to help others succeed and thrive. Now that you are connected with my brand, do you identify me as a connector? I hope so, because I plan to share my connections with you.

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